What Have I “cooked up” for LA Art Show Feb. 15-19 2023?

I’m jazzed because my work will be getting international exposure–for the FIRST time–at the LA Art Show Feb. 15-19 2023! I’ll be showing at the Maria Elena Kravetz Art Gallery (booth #637-736). It would be fantastic to see you there! Please come. (It’s so much fun being a crazy artist who can just climb upContinue reading “What Have I “cooked up” for LA Art Show Feb. 15-19 2023?”

Merry-go-round of 3 Sculptures

I enjoy seeing work when it’s “in process.” Here 3 sculptures which are in various stages of being completed. The cat is missing the wire and beads which will hold on its arms. It will get some pretty stylish earrings, before I consider it done. (The figure with the black bonnet is actually finished inContinue reading “Merry-go-round of 3 Sculptures”

American Museum of Ceramic Art’s Dec. 9, 10, 11 Holiday Ceramic Sale!

I’ll be there 10-11 Friday (Dec. 9); 11-1 Sat. (Dec. 10), & 11-12 Sun. (Dec. 11). Please come say, “Hi” and check out what I’m working on now! You can also find out more about my upcoming Speed-sculpting Basics Class at Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery in Claremont.

2-day Speed-sculpting Basics Workshop Jan. 29 & 30

Learn to sculpt a simple human torso with head, the Jan. 29th (Sunday 1-4 PM). Then, paint it Jan. 30th (Mon. 6-9 PM). Sculpting is far easier than you’d think! This fast-paced workshop is taught by California artist Quincey Grace at the Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery 107 Harvard Ave., Claremont, CA. Call Quincey TODAY toContinue reading “2-day Speed-sculpting Basics Workshop Jan. 29 & 30”

Padua Hills Art Sale: Claremont Sunday, Nov. 6th from 11-4 PM

It’s going to be a beautiful day, so come enjoy some delightful art!

Speed-sculpting Basics Workshops with Quincey Grace in Claremont, CA!

You’ll go home knowing exactly how to do this on your own and a familiarity with what tools are necessary, and how to use them!