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I LOVE faces, shiny eyes, lip curves, nose angles, cheekbones slants, eyebrow lines, but I grew up in the middle of a walnut grove in the Central Valley of California, miles from any female playmates my age.  No faces—aside from family—to see.


Quincey’s artwork is represented by various California Art galleries. Artwork seen in each gallery, is sold exclusively by the indicated. Artwork seen in the LA Art Show 2023 Gallery can be purchased directly from the Artist.

Quincey Grace Process

Ceramic Process

In my creative process, I  join all the things I love into works of art that look back at me, and voila, I have new friends! I thought you might like to watch the creation of new friends, as they go through the various steps toward their completion.

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About the Artist

I think I sculpt to surround myself with friends…a network of lovely, unique, exotic companions. . 

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I’m having fun updating my “gallery” page with my latest creations. Please come check them out. I’d appreciate your feedback about my new art

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