Photo credit Dominique Canga

California Artist: Quincey Grace

I LOVE faces, shiny eyes, lip curves, nose angles, cheekbones slants, eyebrow lines, but I grew up in the middle of a walnut grove in the Central Valley of California, miles from any female playmates my age.  No faces—aside from family—to see.

I think I sculpt to surround myself with friends…a network of lovely, unique, exotic companions.

I lean into the work of other artists–often starting from portraits I find on Pinterest

Portraits pull me inside the frame, where I feel the texture and weight of the clothes, the pull of the hair, and smell the flowers, food, or dog in the foreground. 

Exotic head dressings throw me into another dimension as I imagine the way my head would have to move and be positioned to accommodate the extra weight, and how I might have to listen harder to hear through the thickness of the fabric.

I’m also magnetized by bright colors, fascinated by fabric, and ecstatic over beads!

In my sculptures, I  join all the things I love into works of art that look back at me, and voila, I have new friends!

Come meet them and join our friendship circle.

(909) 856-8433 quinceycreates@gmail.com #quinceygracecreates

Please send business correspondence to: 7633 Dickens Ct., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Ceramic Resume

Exhibitions/Scholarships/Book (since 2021):


Hands in Clay: A photo of 3 of my figurines will appear in John Toki’s 6th edition publication

LA Art Show with Maria Elena Kravetz Art Gallery—Los Angeles Feb. 15-19


American Museum of Ceramic Art—Pomona, CA

Father Bill Moore Foundation Art Scholarship—Pomona, CA

Padua Hills Theatre for Padua Hills Art Fiesta—Claremont, CA

Village Venture Art Show  Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery—Claremont, CA

*Roger’s Gardens—Newport Beach, CA

*Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery–Claremont, CA

Square i Gallery—Claremont, CA

Sonja Stump Photography Studio—Claremont, CA

Chaffey Community Museum of Art—Ontario, CA

Rembrandt Club’s Silent Auction—Pomona, CA

Chaffey Community Museum of Art—Ontario, CA

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art—Santa Ana, CA


Progress Gallery—Pomona, CA

Pomona Valley Art Association Virtual Gallery—Montclair, CA

*Bird Dog Arts Gallery—Tejon Ranch, CA

Padua Hills Theatre for Padua Hills Art Fiesta—Claremont, CA

Dell Anno Home Design—Claremont, CA

Folk Music Store—Claremont, CA

Quincey Grace Process

Speed-Sculpting Basics Workshops with artist Quincey Grace at Ahmad Shariff Art Gallery in Claremont, CA.

Dec. 11 & Dec. 12 also Jan. 29 & 30

Contact Quincey NOW to confirm your seat!