Quincey Grace Gallery

These sculptures can be purchased directly from me, Quincey. I currently ship only within the United States. Please call/text me (909) 856-8433 so we can discuss shipping and arrange payment.

handmade clay figure

$600 “Persephone in the Spring” 13″ x 7 x 5

Materials: Soldate 60 ceramic clay, cone 5 under glazes, under glaze transfers, beads, wire, acrylic paint, acrylic sealer.

elegant female sculpture

$4500 Maria Theresa Looks to the Future 22″ x 19 x 11

Materials: house white clay, cone 5 under glazes, glazes, transfers, fabric, artificial leaves on wire with beads.

Quincey Grace sculptures
"Alligator Spirit" whimsical clay figurine

$300 Alligator Spirit 11″ x 7 x 6

Materials: Mexo White air-dry clay, acrylic paint, pencil, acrylic sealer,

ceramic face sculpture

$300 Berthe Blue 9″ x 7 x 7

Materials: Soldate 60 ceramic clay, under glaze, glaze, metal/wood/stone beads, wire, acrylic sealer.

clay figure with beads

$130 Justine Constantine 7″ x 3 x 3

Materials: house white ceramic clay, transfers, gold pen, ribbon, glass beads, sealer.